10 Dec 2018

7th edition of the DAU Barcelona 2018

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Eventop Carpas present one more year in the 7th Edition of the DAU Barcelona 2018 Festival. A festival around board games with a great participation, both for children and adults, held from 24 to 25 November in the Sant Andreu neighborhood.

Great assembly in the Plaza Can Fabra with our VIP Eventop model tents, the color of the ceilings with beige and black, simulating a chess board and beige and transparent closing curtains giving light and spaciousness to the space. We also request the service of rental of stage and lighting with LED spotlights.

Inside Fabra i Coats we created a second location with similarly joined tents.

With our VIP Eventop model tents, own type of tent, we create unique and cozy spaces ideal for both corporate and private events.

  • Rock Fest Barcelona 2019
    05 Jul

    Rock Fest Barcelona 2019

    Come back to the Parc Can Zm the 6th edition of the Rock Fest 2019 where Eventop Carpas again present with VIP tents with flooring and Modular tents.
  • Carpas Modulares beige
    05 Jul

    Carpas Modulares beige

    Evnetop Carpas, modulars tents assembly in full nature
  • Tent rent to events
    13 Dec

    Tent rent to events

    We show assembly of our stages for events. 

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