Rental and sale of Tents

  • Eventop VIP Tent

    Eventop VIP Tent

    With the Eventop Tent you get to give a distinctive to their events feel
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  • Modular Tents

    Modular Tents

    Ideal tents for weddings, sports and company events
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  • Shading Tents

    Shading Tents

    We present our new model of Shading Tents, to create shaded spaces and enjoy the exterior landscapes
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  • Tents for large events

    Tents for large events

    When we come to organizing a great sporting event, festival or a amazing wedding, it´s ideal to rent a tent for large events. Flexible tents with a variety of finishes.

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  • Weddings Tents

    Weddings Tents

    We have a wide variety of rental tents to celebrate weddings in gardens or outdoors.

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  • Transparent Tents

    Transparent Tents

    If you want your guests to enjoy views of the outside while they staying protected, we have tents with transparent roofs and curtains, elegant and personalized tents.

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  • Folding Tents

    Folding Tents

    Folding tents are ideal for small events, fairs of craftsmen, small fairs shows, etc...
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  • Warehouse Tents

    Warehouse Tents

    Our Warehouse Tents large capacity and structure to two waters
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In Eventop Carpas, we are manufacturers of tents and platforms of Barcelona, ​​and we have a wide experience and a high quality of finishes in all our products, attending with great success and punctuality to the needs of coverage, temporarily or definitively, to individuals and companies.

We are specialized in the sale and rental of tents and platform rental. Our activity is managed by an experienced team of professionals, with our own assembly and maintenance teams that install the best environment in the chosen location, guaranteeing our clients the most detailed information and the best service before, during and after the event. with the guarantee of an impeccable material.

Where do we install tents for events?

We carry out all types of tents rental in gardens or any place outdoors but also indoors, serving the main companies and national and international organizations. The tents confer unique spaces to surprise and cover the guests from the sun or rain.

We elaborate the proposal that best fits to meet your needs when renting tents for events, renting tents for weddings or renting tents for celebrations. We also have exclusive and approved wooden tents, "VIP Tents" for your event.

Furniture and complements for events

All events require adequate complements to meet their needs, so we have rental of sunshades, stage rental , rental of catenaries, lease rental, chill out furniture rental, portable toilet rental, air conditioning rental, rental of platforms, rental of dance floors, or even coverings of swimming pools.

Focused on the highest quality, we comply with the requirements and specifications required by national and international safety regulations adapting to current needs and technologies, we have high quality services and competitive prices while respecting the environment. For security and regulations we use counterweights, manufactured by ourselves, as a means of securing all our tents (if it is not possible to anchor them to the ground or attach them to the environment).

Because in Eventop Carpas safety is paramount, we use approved structures according to European regulations and qualified personnel with specific training in mounts of mobile structures.

Our tents are a guarantee of safety.

We offer tents of different sizes to adapt to any space, including unevenness, and variety of colours. All our tents include zipper closing curtains of the same color as the tent or with the possibility of combining colours, holding bar and structure with covers of the same, always keeping the quality of our material

Rental of tents BEIGE colour 

The beige colour of our tents is one of the most chosen among our customers as it is an elegant, discreet and cozy colour perfect to day events and especially recommended in summer as the sun shines less. We offer the beige color for the Eventop VIP and modular tent models.The tents with beige ceilings are preferred for weddings because of their elegance and luminosity. 

Rental of tents BORDEAUX colour 

We offer the rental of Bordeaux colour tents in our modular tent model, no doubt an elegant color that makes the difference in all types of events, whether weddings, celebrations, corporate or private events. 

Rental of tents BLACK colour 

We have black tents for Eventop VIP and modular tents. The colour black is currently distinguished by being a fashionable color. Large brands have opted for the service of renting black tents for their events.The colour of black tents is the colour chosen especially at evening events due to its elegance. 

Rental of tents TRANSPARENT colour  

As a novelty we offer tents with transparent ceilings for our EVENTOP VIP tent model, being our flagship product. The transparent roofs provide spaciousness in space. In natural landscapes and gardens, the tents with transparent roofs are ideal both day and night since you can enjoy the outdoors. The closing curtains can also be transparent or can be combined with beige or black, and thus create different and spectacular spaces

This year we present our new model of Shading tents, perfect to create shaded spaces and enjoy the outdoors. This model of tents has a variety of colours and combinations according to the needs of each event. Check our website in the Shading Tents section for more information.

Information request

If you would like more information about our tents, platforms and other event products, please contact us by filling out the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest.