10 Feb 2020

CISCO 2020

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Assembly in CISCO 2020, Fair held in February in Fira Gran Vía, with more than 40 tents of our Eventop VIP model of tents. Tents type jaima with wooden beams and always with counterweights by Regulations and Safety, resistant to the strong winds suffered in Barcelona during the assembly of the event.

We create different locations with the union of several tents measuring 5x5mt., Forming groups of black tents, beige tents and transparent tents distributed throughout the enclosure. We include zipper curtains of the same color as the roofs of the tents.

In some tents we also install a platform with ramps to facilitate access, creating more welcoming spaces.

Tent rental and platform rental for events.

  • Modulars Tents
    10 Dec

    Modulars Tents

    Eventop Carpas, present with the rental of modular tents for a particular event.
  • 'Sant Cugat Ve de Gust 2019'
    11 Jun

    'Sant Cugat Ve de Gust 2019'

    Eventop Carpas present one more year at the gastronomic fair 'Ve de Gust' held in Sant Cugat, with tents model Eventop Vip.
  • Oktoberfest Barcelona 2017
    27 Dec

    Oktoberfest Barcelona 2017

    6th edition of Oktoberfest Barcelona held from October 11 to 22 and organized by Eventop Carpas.

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