26 May 2022

Cómic Barcelona 2022

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New Edition of Cómic Barcelona 2022 comes back to the face-to-face form without restrictions. Event held on May 6, 7 and 8 at Fira Barcelona Montjuïc. This new edition has 50,000m2 for exhibition and more than 60 invited authors.

Eventop Carpas has been present one more year with the rental service for modular tents and platform rental to create different locations: access to the venue, information, exit...

The rental tents Barcelona mod. Modular, with an iron tube structure lined in the same colour as the tents, they are ideal for events; practical and functional tents. We install all burgundy rental tents. We use counterweights to fasten the tents.

Contact us through our website or by phone for more information about our tent rental services for events, platform rental or accessories.

  • Harley Days Barcelona 2015
    03 Jul

    Harley Days Barcelona 2015

    Barcelona Harley Days has Eventop Carpas to cover exhibition and restoration spaces with our Eventop Tents, in the largest urban event of the Harley Davidson brand in Europe is, since 2008, the Barcelona Harley Days.
  • Rent Modular Tent
    11 Mar

    Rent Modular Tent

    Modular tent rental service for event celebration held in Barcelona.

  • Modulars Tents Sales
    13 Jul

    Modulars Tents Sales

    Service for the sale of modular tents

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