10 Feb 2023

Eventop VIP tents for events

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We show different events where Eventop Carpas has carried out the rental service of the Eventop VIP BLACK model tents.

This model of rental tents, with wooden beams and haima-type roofs, are ideal for weddings or corporate events. The black colour is elegant and can be combined with curtains of the same colour or with transparent ones, giving more space to the space created. Depending on the surface where we install our tents for events, we use counterweights to hold them or we anchor the tents to the ground. But we always comply with the Regulations and the safety of our clients.

The Eventop model rental tents can be installed individually or joined to create the necessary space for each event.

We have platforms rental that fit perfectly with our tents, creating a compact surface and offering greater comfort for guests.

  • World Padel Tour - Andorra 2017
    14 Nov

    World Padel Tour - Andorra 2017

    Eventop Carpas has been present on the World Padel Tour 2017 with their Eventop VIP tents.

  • Harley Days Barcelona 2015
    03 Jul

    Harley Days Barcelona 2015

    Barcelona Harley Days has Eventop Carpas to cover exhibition and restoration spaces with our Eventop Tents, in the largest urban event of the Harley Davidson brand in Europe is, since 2008, the Barcelona Harley Days.
  • Eventop at Oktoberfest Barcelona 2015
    02 Oct

    Eventop at Oktoberfest Barcelona 2015

    The Oktobefest Barcelona 2015, for the 4th consecutive year, is organized by Eventop Carpas in the Universe Square of Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, where more than 100,000 people were able to enjoy during 10 days of this popular festival of Bavarian origin.

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