04 Apr 2022

Modular tents in CC Westfield

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To protect customers from rain and wind in winter or from the sun in summer, many restaurants use rental tents to cover their terraces.

We assemble the rental of modular tents on the terrace of a well-known restaurant located in Barcelona.

We joined two rental tents for events measuring 6x6m in black colour and with counterweights for their support, so as not to damage the floor of the terrace with plugs.

The rental of modular tents is a very practical service due to its easy-to-assemble structure, with zippered closing curtains. If it is not necessary to have the tents closed, the curtains can be collected on the legs.

Check our website for more information about our Barcelona and Catalonia tent rental service.

  • Tent for FCB
    05 Nov

    Tent for FCB

    Assembly of a amazing gabled tent for the celebration of the Barcelona Football Club member´s assembly.
  • Event INCAVI 2015
    27 Mar

    Event INCAVI 2015

    Eventop Carpas present at an event held in Barcelona related to the world of wines.
  • Science festival 2016
    27 Apr

    Science festival 2016

    Eventop Carpas re-installs its Eventop tents at the Science Festival 2016 in Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona.

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