12 Oct 2014

OKTOBERFEST BARCELONA, organizes it for 3rd consecutive year Eventop Carpas

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For 3rd year in a row, Eventop Carpas organizes the Oktoberfest Barcelona in the Plaza universe of Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, where more than 100,000 people were able to enjoy 10 days of this Bavarian party of origin, where there was no lack of beer, music and typical food.

To do this, installed a large main tent of 40 x 65 MTS., surrounded by other ephemeral structures, which housed the office and service, bars and VIP areas. Settled two tents more than 15 x 20 m and a tent of 10 x 50 meters.

Eventop Carpas also installed its beige and black Eventop VIP tents, all with wood floor to give access to spaces reserved for partners and sponsors, to reach almost the 4,500 square meters of tents. He was also responsible for the decor and atmosphere of the space with louvres, catenaries, tables and benches, as well as fabrics, rings and balls on the roofs of tents.

All a popular festival which begins to ask their space within the circuit of festivals in the city of Barcelona.
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