02 Mar 2020

Security in tents events

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When requesting a tent rental service it is very important, for Security, to take into account the type of support that we will use when installing the tents.

At Eventop Carpas, we meet the requirements and specifications required by safety regulations both nationally and internationally, adapting to current needs and technologies, being respectful of the environment.

According to European Standard UNE EN 13782, which establishes the safety requirements applicable to tents, they must have a wind resistance of 100 km / h. The wind is the biggest enemy of this type of establishments since it can drag and lift them from the ground.

For Safety and Regulations it is necessary to anchor the tents on the pavement or secure them with tensioners or pickaxes in the environment. If we choose the option of anchoring the tents on the ground we must analyze the type of terrain since sometimes it is not possible because it is unstable soil, for example on the beach where the pickaxes are not well held and can be easily removed. It should also be borne in mind that in asphalted areas that belong to public roads, municipalities do not usually allow anchoring on the pavement without the corresponding permits.

If for any reason it is not possible to anchor the tents to the ground or secure them with some element of the environment, we will use Counterweights for the tents as a safety element.

The counterweights for tents are determined according to the kilos to hold. That is, for a small rental tent, weights of less kilos will be used. In case of large tents we would use concrete counterweights, for greater safety. If the rental of tents also takes place the rental wood floor the weight of the counterweights decreases slightly.

In usual areas of high winds or when the weather requires it, we reinforce the heavier weights.

In Eventop Carpas we use iron plates of 20 Kgs. Joining as many as needed until we reach the necessary weight for each tent and, to favor aesthetics, we cover them with wooden drawers or with covers of the same color as the tent, using counterweights in each of the legs of the tent.

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