03 Jan 2022

VIP Tents to corporate event

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We present an assembly of tents for a corporate event in the parking area of ​​the company itself in Barcelona.

We carry out the Barcelona tent rental service mod. VIP event. We joined six of our 5x5mt tents, grey colour and an additional with wood flooring rental included to create a large covered outdoor space. We install curtains to protect guests from the wind and cold.

We take advantage of the fact that outside there is space of land to be able to nail pickets and thus hold the tents for Safety and Regulations.

This model of tents, made with haima-type ceilings with wooden beams, offers greater spaciousness and elegance inside.

  • Barcelona Beach Festival 2016
    01 Aug

    Barcelona Beach Festival 2016

    Barcelona Beach Festival 2016 has Eventop Carpas to cover its catering areas with our Eventop VIP Tents.
  • Rental Stage
    12 Mar

    Rental Stage

    Eventop Carpas presents the assembly of stages for various events.
  • Modulars Tents
    10 Dec

    Modulars Tents

    Eventop Carpas, present with the rental of modular tents for a particular event.

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