01 Sep 2021

What is more suitable for our event: Wood Flooring or Stage?

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Organizing an event is not easy, but do not worry, we will advise you at all times to achieve a successful event. We are a trusted company with a technical team with extensive experience in organizing events.

If you have to organize a musical event, an inauguration, a conference, cover a swimming pool or give more comfort to your guests, do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the best solution for your event.

Stage rental is an important element of most events. The platforms can be installed at ground level, creating compact or elevated surfaces, creating stages for events that can be at different heights.

The event stages are ideal for setting up a presidential table when holding a conference, talk or inauguration that can be complemented with the rental of a lectern. But they are also perfect for musical events as well as end-of-year party celebrations.

The rental stages are aluminium structures and a 100% non-slip and water-repellent wood finish with 2x1m sheets. to form a surface of the size you need. The height can vary: 20cm., 50cm. or adjustable up to 80cm. To gain access, we install stairs on one or both sides and cover them with a black perimeter skirt to give it a more elegant finish.

But if you want to give your guests more comfort, the event is held on an uneven surface or you do not want to damage your lawn, we recommend renting a platform for events, at 13cm. ground. The rental flooring is perfect as thermal and moisture insulation from the floor. The pallets are made up of 1x1m sheets. in such a way that we can create a compact surface as required by the event, offering maximum stability and security guarantees. We install platforms for events on flat surfaces but we can also solve any unevenness. In this case we install ramps, being the most viable option to guarantee access for people with reduced mobility.

Event stage rental is ideal for creating dance floors at weddings, birthdays or celebrations, as well as for corporate events.

If your event requires hiring a stage rental or a platform rental, in both cases we can cover the surface with carpet of the color you want.

You can see on our website in the section of stage rental and flooring rental for more information or request a budget without commitment.


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