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There are different kinds of rental tent models but the AURA tent model is the best choice for its flexible configuration when organizing an event.

The rental of tents for events is a very practical service to create temporary spaces where you can celebrate corporate or private events, weddings or festivals.

The roofs of the AURA model rental tents can have different shapes, either conical or gabled, and with flat or apse-shaped facade finishes; this is very flexible when it comes to setting up the tent.

These different options can be attached to each other and extended in length as needed. We can also install the roofs of the transparent rental tents and incorporate accessories for tents such as: platform rental for tents, lighting for tents, stage rental, enclosures for tents…. With all this we can create a personalized rental tent.

Ask us for a quote for renting tents in Barcelona. We will offer you the best creative and innovative solution to make your event a success.

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