27 Nov 2017

6th Festival Dau Barcelona 2017

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Eventop Carpas is present one more year with the assembly of its tent model VIP Eventop, all of them with Wood floor, in the 6th edition of the Dau Barcelona, ​​event held from 17 to 26 November at the Fabra i Coat.

Dau Barcelona is a great festival aimed at all families, adults and children of all ages, with a wide variety of games available to everyone. In addition to the space for board games, with its own space for children's games, it also has a full program of activities of popular and traditional games historical, role-playing and miniature simulation games.

  • Event INCAVI 2015
    27 Mar

    Event INCAVI 2015

    Eventop Carpas present at an event held in Barcelona related to the world of wines.
  • Barcelona Motordays 2019
    14 Jun

    Barcelona Motordays 2019

    Eventop Carpas again present with the rent of tents Eventop for the VIP Zone at the Barcelona Motordays 2019
  • World Padel Tour - Andorra 2017
    14 Nov

    World Padel Tour - Andorra 2017

    Eventop Carpas has been present on the World Padel Tour 2017 with their Eventop VIP tents.


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