20 Feb 2020

Basic keys to organize an event

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Organizing an event is apparently simple but requires time and organizational skills and good planning. Whether for corporate events or private events, the best advice is to contact professionals.

Eventop Carpas we are a company of Barcelona dedicated to the manufacture and rental of tents and rental of pallets, we carry out the work in an integral way, with a long experience in the sector and with a team of professionals.

We know that every event aims to create a unique moment.

In organizing an event it is very important:

  • Hit the location where to celebrate the event, taking into account the distance and access for guests.
  • The specific material necessary for the development of the event, such as the rental of tents for events and / or rental of pallets, carpets or sun visors to protect from the sun in summer, and thus create unique and cozy spaces, thinking of everyone's comfort.
  • The necessary lighting or furniture, as well as the decoration.
  • A stage if we want to create a musical event or have a stand for inaugurations or talks.
  • The choice of a catering to cover the event with a snack, lunch or dinner either at wedding events, anniversaries ...

It is also important to know the needs and tastes of the protagonists or guests, both for a company event, a wedding or a family celebration. In this way we can carry out a personalized project, thinking about the details that best fit them, in order to create an unforgettable event.

  • Rock Fest Barcelona 2017
    27 Jul

    Rock Fest Barcelona 2017

    Eventop Carpas present at the 4th Edition of Rock Fest Barcelona 2017 with their tents model Eventop VIP
  • Festival Dau December 2016
    27 Dec

    Festival Dau December 2016

    Dau Barcelona arrives at the 5th. Edition as a great party of participation and creativity around the game at Fabra i Coats where Eventop Carpas one more year is present with their tents model Eventop VIP.
  • Tents rent EVENTOP VIP
    10 Dec

    Tents rent EVENTOP VIP

    Assembling our tents VIP Eventop model for different events

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