05 Jul 2018

Carpas Modulares beige

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Eventop Carpas installs beige modular tents, of different sizes, joined 4x4mt tents. and tent 5x5mt. with wood floor creating spacious and comfortable in nature.

The rental of modular tents is ideal for special events, whether private or corporate. Also with the option of renting the stage if the event requires it, we can create a warmer and more welcoming space. All the tents have closing curtains and lined iron tubes of the same color as the tent.

In these cases the assemblies are made on grass so we use anchors to the ground by means of pegs for the support of the tents.

  • Barcelona International Motor Show 2017
    29 May

    Barcelona International Motor Show 2017

    Eventop Carpas present one more year with their tents Model Eventop VIP and Modular tents at the 39th Edition of the International Motor Show in Barcelona.
    22 Jun


    Eventop Carpas present in different events with the assembly of their stages, platforms and dance floors for inaugurations, end-of-course parties and special celebrations.
  • Modular Tents in various events
    07 Jul

    Modular Tents in various events

    Assemblies with our Modular Tents in various events.

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