25 Feb 2020

Decoration event with our Eventop VIP tents

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Eventop Carpas present in the assembly of Eventop VIP model tents and modular model tents for exhibition event of decoration products held in Barcelona.

We carry out the tents rental service of beige tents and platform rental installed on grass to house furniture and accessories for home decoration. It consists of the assembly of the union of several tents forming different locations for various well-known brands.

Currently in the organization of events it is very common to request rental of tents since it is a flexible and very practical product to build eventual spaces, and by having different sizes of tents and being able to join them we reach the necessary m2 to cover each event. With our VIP tents with a platform, you can give a special touch to your event as we create warm and welcoming environments.

With the Eventop VIP tent model, jaima type and structure combined with wood, aluminum and stainless steel, we form unique and comfortable spaces and when installing flooring, designed as thermal and moisture insulation of the soil, we create a compact and floating surface.

More information on the Eventop VIP tent model is available at the Eventop tent section.


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