Modular Tents

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Our modular tents are ideal tents for all types of events: weddings, sports and business events, openings, first stones, presentations or any type of meeting, whether family or business, since in addition to their functionality, the tents offer an image very comfortable.

We have various measures to rent tents and colors. All tents can be joined together to form the tent composition that best suits the space available.

The modular tents rental service is very common today since these tents are quick to install and are practical for all types of events. So, the tents are ideal for any season of the year as they protect both from the sun and from the rain.

In the assembly of tents we can add the rental of wooden flooring to provide greater comfort to the space, creating a compact surface that is also used for thermal insulation and soil moisture since they are raised to 13 cm.

At Eventop Carpas, the safety of our clients is paramount. We have a Certificate of homologation according to European Regulations. Depending on the type of surface where we install the tents, we will use counterweights to hold them, which we cover in the same colour as the tent or cover with wooden drawers, anchor to the ground with pegs or plugs, or we will fasten the tents with some element of the environment

The tents rental service includes zipper curtains of the same color as the tent (with the possibility of combining colors) and practicable towards the sides, clamping bar and structure with covers of the same color.

Characteristics of MODULAR tents:  

Structural solidity

Calculations according to UNE EN 13782 standard "Temporary structures, Tents, Security"


Structure of 50 mm galvanized iron tube. with cast aluminum anchors.
Tensioner with galvanized cable d. 3 mm. high strength to compact the structure and at the same time is used to hang the curtains by nickel-plated carabiners
Galvanized iron bases for fixing on the floor
Ceilings and sides in PVC or acrylic canvas
With Certificate of Approval

Evacuation establishment

Wind resistance 80 km / h
Snow: up to 4 cm. accumulated on deck

Available measures for the rental of MODULAR tents

Modular tents3x3mt.
Modular tents 4x4mt.
Modular tents 5x5mt.
Modular tents 6x6mt.
Modular tents 5x10mt.
Modular tents 5x15mts.

Available colors for the rental of MODULAR tents:

Bordeaux color
Black Color

Accessories for the rent of modular tents:

LED lighting (spotlights, soffits or strips adapted to the structure of the tent)            
Varnished wood flooring, forming a single and compact piece            
Color carpet of choice, delivered with protective plastic            
Air conditioning (ventilation, cold, heat)              
Chill out or exhibition furniture

In Eventop Carpas also offer the option to sell our modular tents for individuals or professionals. In this case, we carry out a more personalized project adjusting to your needs and without losing the essence of this tent.

We also have VIP Eventop tents, tents with jaima ceilings. With this model of tents you can give a distinctive touch to your events, as these tents create warm and cozy spaces thanks to their wooden beams combined with the use of aluminum and stainless steel. For more information check our website in the section of VIP Eventop tents.

This year as a Novelty we present our NEW Shading model tents , ideal for creating shady spaces and enjoying the exterior areas.

Do not hesitate to request a quote regarding the rental of tents or the rental of platforms.

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