02 Dec 2021

Eventop VIP Tent Rent

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Eventop Carpas present with the rental of Eventop VIP model pearl grey tent.

We assembly of our Eventop VIP rental tent model with pearl grey roofs and perimeter curtains Rental tents are ideal temporary structures for creating covered outdoor spaces to protect attendees from rain and wind. This tent model is self-made with wooden and aluminium beams. Tents perfects for special events.

The tents are installed with flooring rent in an area with strong winds, so to hold them we use counterweights since it is not possible to anchor them to the ground, always complying with the established Regulations and mainly for the safety of our clients.

  • Festival Dau December 2015
    27 Dec

    Festival Dau December 2015

    Dau Barcelona reaches the 4th edition and is consolidated as the great celebration of participation and creativity, and Eventop Carpas covers a large space in Fabra i Coats with their tents model Eventop

  • Barcelona Motordays 2018
    29 Jun

    Barcelona Motordays 2018

    One more year, Eventop Carpas present at the Barcelona Motordays 2018 with Eventop model tents for the VIP area of ​​the event.
  • Automobile Barcelona 2021
    13 Oct

    Automobile Barcelona 2021

    Automobile Barcelona 2021 and Eventop Carpas return with them with the assembly of tents for the exhibition of vehicles.


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