27 Dec 2015

Festival Dau December 2015

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Dau Barcelona reaches the 4th edition and is consolidated as the great celebration of participation and creativity. Eventop Carpas covers a large space in Fabra i Coats with renta of tents model Eventop VIP and rental of flooring.

The entrance is free and is addressed to a wide audience. Games of all types and for all ages are offered.

Eventop Carpas realizes the assembly of black VIP tents with lighting to cover more than 400 m2 all of them with stage plus a modular tent in the area of access to the Fabra i Coat enclosure.

The festival was held on 12 and 13 December, from 10 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon.Games are the only activity of creation where the final receiver is always the absolute protagonist. A game is a creation that people, literally, experience. In addition, a game is a phenomenon of relationship and social cohesion of the first order. For this reason, Dau Barcelona is a festival that is aimed at families and in the community of experienced players, who offer the wide range of games that are available right now.

For two days, the table game publishers present in the market and a good number of entities of all kinds of games will propose and teach games large and small. From 5 years old everyone can find their play space in Dau Barcelona.

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