03 Mar 2022

VIP Tents at Circuit Catalunya

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Eventop Carpas present with the Eventop VIP model tent rental assembly for an event held at Circuit de Catalunya in Montmeló.

For pilot interviews, they require a covered outdoor space. For this we created a surface measuring 15x10m with the installation of 6 Black VIP rental tents. The VIP tents with a tent type structure with wooden beams offer an image of luxury and comfort.

This model of rental tents can be fitted with closing curtains of the same colour as the tent or transparent, attaching a rental platform or lighting with LED spotlights.

For more information on our models of rental tents, visit our Eventop tent rental or modular tent rental section.

  • 6th Festival Dau Barcelona 2017
    27 Nov

    6th Festival Dau Barcelona 2017

    Eventop Carpas is present one more year with the assembly of its tent model VIP Eventop, all of them with Wood floor, in the 6th edition of the Dau Barcelona, ​​event held from 17 to 26 November at the Fabra i Coat.
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    13 Jul

    Modulars Tents Sales

    Service for the sale of modular tents
  • Modular tents in Cosmocaixa
    22 Apr

    Modular tents in Cosmocaixa

    Assembly of modular rental tents in Cosmocaixa where you can carry out children's activities outside


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