25 Apr 2015


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On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April, NOVUM the Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation was found in the Plaza de las Glorias of Barcelona

The space became one more year in a laboratory to live about the science, technology and innovation. A feast for all audiences where he is works with researchers, can form part of the science and follow the party for different areas of the city.

He could participate in various experiments by scientists and researchers to meet and discover its most exciting research. A good opportunity to become a scientist for a day and share experiences with experts.

NOVUM attended of Eventop Carpas for the installation of rental of tents news VIP black and rental of flooring with wood floor and access ramps located in different locations to create different spaces for talks, exhibitions, experiment and enjoy science, suitable for adults and children.

  • What is more suitable for our event: Wood Flooring or Stage?
    01 Sep

    What is more suitable for our event: Wood Flooring or Stage?

    Platform rental is an important element of most events, wood flooring or elevated stages

  • CISCO 2020
    10 Feb

    CISCO 2020

    Assembly in CISCO 2020, Fair held in February in Fira Gran Vía, with more than 40 tents of our Eventop VIP model of tents.
  • Rock Fest Barcelona 2019
    05 Jul

    Rock Fest Barcelona 2019

    Come back to the Parc Can Zm the 6th edition of the Rock Fest 2019 where Eventop Carpas again present with VIP tents with flooring and Modular tents.

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