28 Sep 2021

Rent burgundy tents to events

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We show the assembly of our modular tents for an event held in Barcelona. The modular tents are functional and offer a comfortable image.

The installation is carried out with tents of different sizes, all of them burgundy tents. This model of rental tents with an iron tube structure, are joined to cover the necessary surface for each event.

For this event we are requested to rent burgundy tents in Barcelona but we also have beige tents and black tents. There is the option of incorporating a rental platform to give more comfort to the guests as well as lighting.

In the section of our tent website you will find more information regarding our Barcelona tent rental services.

  • Modular tents in Cosmocaixa
    22 Apr

    Modular tents in Cosmocaixa

    Assembly of modular rental tents in Cosmocaixa where you can carry out children's activities outside

  • Barcelona Motordays 2019
    14 Jun

    Barcelona Motordays 2019

    Eventop Carpas again present with the rent of tents Eventop for the VIP Zone at the Barcelona Motordays 2019
    22 Jun


    Eventop Carpas present in different events with the assembly of their stages, platforms and dance floors for inaugurations, end-of-course parties and special celebrations.

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