17 Jun 2022

Shading tents for events

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This model of Barcelona rental tents, with wooden beams combined with aluminium, is available in 5x5m and 4x5m sizes. For this event we join together 2 Shading rental tents to cover an area of ​​5x10m. We install the ceiling fabric in beige but we can manufacture the colour that best suits the event or the client's taste, being able to make a combination of colours. We can remove the roof fabric from the Shading rental tents and incorporate a tent type roof, transforming them into model EVENTOP rental tents.

Due to regulations and security, tents for events require a fastening system. In this case, to avoid anchoring and damaging the ground, we use counterweights to support our tents.

Do not hesitate to ask us for information regarding the rental of tents or platform rental. We will be happy to offer you a personalized project without obligation.


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