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We present our new model of Shading Tents.

If you want to enjoy an evening outdoors without being bothered by the sun, want to celebrate an event, be it a private event or a company event, such as aperitifs, weddings, inaugurations, institutional events or corporate events, we present our Shading tents , perfect for creating shady spaces and enjoying the outdoors and the environment.

With the arrival of summer, our Shading tents are perfect to protect ourselves from the sun while still enjoying the scenery and fresh air. These elegant tents create spaces of luxury and comfort for special events.

With the union of our tents you can create multiple combinations of colours and shapes according to the needs of each event, adapting to the available space. Shading tents can be attached to our 'Eventop VIP' model tents to create an outdoor chill out area.

These tents are open on all four sides, without enclosures, but if you wish we can install looms, 1.50mt. wide each free fall, partially covering some of the sides of the tent to delimit spaces or give a decorative touch. We use 100% polyester looms with a variety of colours to choose from.

Our Shading tent model is self-made, with a varnished wooden laminated beam structure and aluminium legs.

For Safety and Regulations, if it is not possible to anchor the tents to the ground with pegs or plugs, or how to hold them in the environment, we use counterweights as a means of securing all our tents. The counterweights can be covered with wood or with fabric in the same colour as the tent.

This model of tent can also be adapted to our platform. If the place where the tents are to be assembled is an uneven ground or if you want to give the space greater comfort, we recommend rental flooring, varnished wooden flooring with 1x1m plates. joined at a height of 13 cm from the ground. The flooring rental is also perfect as thermal and moisture insulation.

Characteristics of Shading tents:

Available measures for rental of Tents Shading  (can join as many as space requires)

Shading Tents 4x5mt.

Shading Tents 5x5mt.

 Accessories to complement the rental of tents Shading

LED lighting

Varnished wood platform, forming a single and compact piece

Color carpet of choice for the client

Chill out or exhibition furniture

Structural solidity

Calculations according to UNE EN 13782 standard "Temporary structures, Tents, Security"


Fir-tree beam fire resistance 0,7mm. per minute -42mm / h ENV regulation 1995-1-2

Union components in stainless steel. and aluminum

Aluminum legs 120x120 mm. 6082 alloy normative EN 573-3 anodized


In Eventop Carpas, in the case of the sale of tents Shading we made a more personalized project adjusting to your needs and without losing the essence of this tent.

We also have VIP Eventop tents (tent style and design jaima combined with wooden laminated beam)and modular tents (iron tube structure tents), two models with different colors and sizes, adapting to the space. Do not hesitate to request a quote regarding the rental of tents or flooring rental.

We are a company located in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona. We rent tents mainly in the province of Barcelona but also rent tents in the rest of Catalonia. We also have logistics to assemble tents rental and flooring rental nationwide.

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