14 Feb 2020

Tent Modular for event

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We show last assembly made with our moudular tents. It is the union of different tents measuring 6x6mt. and black color adapting to the space and the needs of the event. Since the surface where they are installed does not allow the tents to be anchored to the ground, we install counterweights on some legs of the tents and take advantage of the environment to use tension tapes for a part of the support. In Eventop Carpas, security for our customers is paramount.

The rental of modular tents offers a very comfortable image and are ideal for weddings, sporting events or any type of meetings as they are very functional.

This model of tents, of iron tube structure, is also available in beige and burgundy with enclosure curtains and structure covers of the same color as the tent.  Sizes of the tents: 3x3mt., 4x4mt., 5x5mt., 5x10mt., Being able to join until covering the space necessary for each event.

Visit the section of modular tents for more information regarding the characteristics of this model of tent


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