17 Mar 2020

What tent model do we need for our event?

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The rental of tents to celebrate events is very popular and is gaining more and more presence in practically all kinds of events, corporate events, private events, weddings, anniversaries ... It is usually a temporary installation, generally with assembly in outdoor areas. They can be attached to any environment and surface and it is a highly requested service for its quick assembly and disassembly, its versatile character and simplicity.

When choosing a tent model, different factors must be taken into account:

   * Consider the maximum capacity, that is, the maximum number of guests who will attend the event and who are expected to be inside the tent at the same time, in order to assess the necessary size of the tent. Our tents, whether they are modular tents or Eventop VIP model tents, are of different specific sizes but can be joined and thus create the necessary space for each type of event.

   *Confirm that the tent is homologated, as there are European safety regulations. All our tents have a Certificate of Homologation issued by DEVECEM (Carp and mobile structures verification office), structural strength calculations according to UNE EN 13782 "Temporary Structures, Tents, Safety".

   * Take into account external factors, such as the weather (possible rain, heat, wind). At Eventop Carpas we offer in all our tents zipper curtains, easy to open or close according to the needs of the event and the weather.

   * Assembly / disassembly schedule and the general event, day or night. During the day we will use beige tents, a warmer color that allows more clarity and does not filter as much heat as with the black color, more used for night events.

   * Location of the tent installation as well as the type of floor where they are going to be set up with the option of renting a platform for greater comfort. It is also necessary to take into account the access areas, necessary spaces for entering and leaving the premises for attendees.

  * Permits and licenses necessary for the assembly of tents (in case it is a public road, request permission from the town council, according to its municipal regulations. If the place is private, permits are requested from the owner).

Tent aesthetics according to the event and the environment (color or model). For example, our Eventop VIP tents with wooden beams and tents are easily integrated into nature.

At Eventop Carpas we have rental of Modular tents in beige, black or burgundy and in different sizes, as well as Eventop VIP tents in beige, black or transparent, folding tents and warehouse tents. Do not hesitate to ask us for information, we will prepare a project that suits your needs and we will advise you on the best option for your event.


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