Rental of platform for Stages

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At Eventop Carpas we have a stage rental service for events, made up of 21mm thick non-slip and water-repellent 2x1m wooden platforms. The Barcelona and Catalonia stage rental is available in different heights: 0.20m or 0.50m adjustable to 0.80m.

Like the rental platforms for events, in the stage rental for events we install a black perimeter skirt and access ladder according to height. We also have the option of carpeting the rental platform with fair carpet in the colour of your choice.

The rental of Barcelona platforms for stages is ideal for end-of-year parties, inaugurations or musical events as well as talks or conferences.

Do not hesitate to visit the supplements section on our website where you will find more accessories for your event: sun visors rental, lectern rental as well as air conditioning.

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