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At Eventop Carpas we are not only specialists in the manufacture and rental of tents, we also manufacture our own flooring and dance floors. We are a company located in Barcelona, ​​leaders in the sector, with certified and high quality products. We offer our services throughout Catalonia.

We have a very flexible product, capable of adapting to any space thanks to its aluminum structure, with a modular system of varnished wooden floor, 1x1mts, removable and assembled with maximum stability and safety guarantees, both in flat places with unevenness, adapting to each surface.

The flooring assembly can also be made on grass without damaging it because it is not installed at ground level, the flooring has a height of 13 cm. facilitating the passage of wiring if the event requires it. We also adapt in case of uneven spaces.

The flooring is designed as thermal and moisture insulation from the soil, creating a compact and floating surface.

They are the perfect complement for the assembly of our tents, both in the service of renting modular tents and renting Eventop VIP tents, since we create compact, warm and welcoming spaces. Tent rental and platform rental is ideal for all types of events: weddings, product presentations, vehicle exhibitions, corporate events, sporting events or private events.

In case you do not need a tent and you choose only a platform rental, we can also create a dance floor, ideal on summer nights. A black perimeter skirt and access ramps can be added to the platform rental service if necessary, in case of unevenness in the land or simply to facilitate access for guests.

The wood flooring can also be covered with fair carpet, with a variety of colors to be chosen by the client.

Platforms for events

All our platforms are available for Sale or Rent, so that the professional or individual can choose the option that best suits their needs, that is, if it is for a temporary event, our recommendation is to rent a platform, instead, if is for a long term or indefinite time the best option is the sale of the wood flooring.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a non-binding quote for the flooring rental for your event or sale. We will provide you with a custom project.

We also have a tent rental service, tents of different sizes and colors. With our tents you can create several comfortable spaces according to the needs of each event.

For more information and details of our tents, visit the section on modular tents, Eventop VIP tents or Shading tents on our website, where you will find a variety of possibilities, size of tents, colors and accessories, to create cozy spaces as required by each event.

Information request

If you would like more information about our tents, platforms and other event products, please contact us by filling out the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest.

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