21 May 2019

40th Edition of the Automobile Barcelona 2019

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2019 Barcelona Motor Show celebrates its centenary. In its 40th Edition, under the name of Automobile Barcelona, ​​event from 11 to 19 May, commemorates its 100 years of history with an event focused on the future of the automotive industry, full of special activities and with a broad participation of companies.

Eventop Carpas present one more year in one of the main and most important events held in Barcelona, ​​with the assembly of Eventop VIP tents and Modular tents distributed by different spaces of the fair. In all our tents, whether modular tents or VIP tents, all approved, by regulation and security, we installed counterweights to ensure the support of the tents, since it is not possible to anchor them to the ground.

We present the assembly of modular tents of different sizes and colors, some of them with flooring. We also carry out the service of rent tents beige VIP tents with wood floor rental as well as transparent roofs and curtains creating unique spaces.
  • Sports event with modular tents
    27 Jan

    Sports event with modular tents

    Sporting event organized by the Barcelona Polo Club requires modular tents to create an extra covered space.

  • Tents rent to events
    01 Oct

    Tents rent to events

    We present assembly for the rental of VIP tents attached for an event in Barcelona
  • Manga Barcelona 2021
    12 Nov

    Manga Barcelona 2021

    27th Edition Salón Manga come back to Barcelona and Eventop Carpas with modulars tents too.

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