11 Jun 2021

Tents and wind

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The main enemy in the installation of tents for events is undoubtedly the WIND.

When organizing an event with the need to create an outdoor space, whether for a meeting, wedding, sporting event or any type of celebration, it is important to think about renting tents since they are functional and practical structures for specific moments.

The wind is the greatest enemy of the tents, for this reason a good anchor is necessary to defeat the wind. A strong anchor is always required either directly to the ground with pegs or fastening with elements of the environment or with the use of counterweights for its fastening, all this will depend on the type of surface where the tents will be installed.

The securing of the tents is very important for regulations and for the safety of our customers. If the tents are not properly secured they run the risk of shifting, lifting off the ground or even flying off depending on the strength of the wind. The location where the tents are installed must also be taken into account: in a port or beach they run the risk of strong gusts of wind, so the tents should be reinforced.

As a recommendation, in case of strong winds, we recommend closing the perimeter curtains of the tents to prevent the entry of the wind.

All our tents, whether they are modular tents (with an iron tube structure lined in the same color as the tents) or Eventop VIP model tents (tent type with wooden beams) have an homologation certificate for resistance to wind and snow accumulation.

We invite you to visit the section of modular tents and Eventop VIP tents on our website for more information on the structural and resistance characteristics of our tents.

  • Arcadia Tent for FC Barcelona exhibition
    07 Apr

    Arcadia Tent for FC Barcelona exhibition

    Assembly of a large diaphanous tent with an arched design for its roof for an exhibition on the financial proposal of the project on l'Espai Barça

  • Rock Fest 2016
    15 Jul

    Rock Fest 2016

    Eventop Carpas is present at the 3rd Edition of Rock Fest Barcelona 2016.
  • Rock Fest Barcelona 2017
    27 Jul

    Rock Fest Barcelona 2017

    Eventop Carpas present at the 4th Edition of Rock Fest Barcelona 2017 with their tents model Eventop VIP

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