06 Jul 2018

Tents VIP for corporate event

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Assembling our VIP Eventop model tents made on the terraces of the well-known Sitges restaurant on the doorstep of the Mediterranean Sea, for a corporate event.

We made the VIP tent rental service of 5x5mts. beige color combined with roof tents and transparent curtains allowing you to enjoy spectacular views on the terraces that the restaurant has at different heights. Being a location of strong winds, the assembly of tents requires a greater subjection of the tents for safety and regulations. Waterproof and fireproof tents with channeling incorporated in the structure.

Eventop VIP tents, with structure in varnished laminated wood beams and combined with stainless steel components, create a splendid environment where luxury and comfort are present.

  • Barcelona Beach Festival 2016
    01 Aug

    Barcelona Beach Festival 2016

    Barcelona Beach Festival 2016 has Eventop Carpas to cover its catering areas with our Eventop VIP Tents.
  • Eventop at Oktoberfest Barcelona 2015
    02 Oct

    Eventop at Oktoberfest Barcelona 2015

    The Oktobefest Barcelona 2015, for the 4th consecutive year, is organized by Eventop Carpas in the Universe Square of Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, where more than 100,000 people were able to enjoy during 10 days of this popular festival of Bavarian origin.
  • Rent tents to events
    14 Sep

    Rent tents to events

    Little by little the organization of events is resumed, always taking into account the security measures of COVID-19.


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