Folding Tents

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The folding tents are ideal for small events, tents for artisan fairs, tents for trade shows, tents for private gardens...

Renting folding tents is a simple and inexpensive option. They are easy to assemble and practical tents, in a small format, they can be assembled in just a few minutes without the need for tools, favouring indoor and outdoor activities. The folding tents are made up of an aluminium structure and white fire retardant canvas, measuring 3x3m with closing curtains of the same colour, if needed, and counterweights.

Folding tents for parties and events

But if you want to give your event a more special touch, check out our modular tents, of different sizes and with a variety of colours that create warmer and more welcoming spaces, being able to join them and thus cover surfaces as required by each event. These tents are functional, more stable and offer greater comfort for guests.

We also have the rental of Eventop VIP model tents, with tents type haima roofs, all the tents with closing curtains of the same colour as the roofs of the tents. This is an exclusive model of tents: wedding tents , anniversary tents , corporate event mtents , celebration tents , inauguration tents...

Just as the folding tents have counterweights, the modular tents or Eventop tents have the option of anchoring to the ground or using counterweights to hold them. This is important for safety and regulation.

Together with the rental of modular tents or rental of Eventop VIP tents, we offer the option of renting a platform, and thus we create a compact structure, with a uniform surface of varnished wood to favour the comfort of the attendees. The flooring rental is also used as thermal insulation.

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